What Tharwa Wants, Tharwa Is.

Since its quiet launch in Syria in 2001, the Tharwa Foundation has been slowly working to immerse herself in midst of the revolutionary potential swelling in that country and across the Broader Middle East and North Africa region. In doing this, Tharwa has always stood in favor of nonviolent change and dedicated her activities and programs to enabling and empowering the emerging liberal democratic voices, while recognizing that working for the development of liberal democratic states and societies in the region will not be a short-term project, but a challenge that needs to be confronted methodically for generations to come. Tharwa plans to rise up to the challenge, by…

Challenging the Status Quote

Homs Child

Boy from Homs, Syria – 2008: Tharwa activists were already detecting and documenting the emergence of a revolutionary spirit.

Breaking the Stalemate

Hama Rally, 2011

Hundreds of thousands of Syrians take to the street in the city of Hama in the Summer of 2011, demanding an end to Assad and Baath rule.

Training Tomorrow’s Democratic Leaders

TI-Istanbul-2, 2007

A Tharwa Training Workshop in Istanbul, 2007 – Many of our activists played important roles in the making of the Arab Spring in their countries.