Tharwa Founders

Ammar Abdulhamid: A liberal Syrian pro-democracy activist whose anti-regime views and activities led to his exile from the country in September of 2005. Over the years, he has been profiled in the New York Times, the Washington Post and Newsweek, among other media outlets. He currently blogs  about the growing sense of madness in this world at: The Daily Digest of Global Delirium

Khawla Yusuf: Born in Damascus, Syria, her father, Abdulwadood Yusuf, was a well-known Islamic scholar who was imprisoned in 1980 and, according to rights activists at the time, died under torture shortly thereafter, though the matter was not confirmed until 2010. While living in Syria, Khawla was active in several private literary salons as well as support groups for women and children with disabilities. She began her career as a fashion designer, before moving toward women’s rights activism. At Tharwa, her role focuses primarily on communication with internal activists and acting as the main liaison between in-country activists and advisers abroad.